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Blog Development

Blogging, or writing short entries on a website, can allow you to offer opinions, share ideas, or do independent reporting, but most importantly, blogging can help writers have conversations with readers, or better yet, businesses have conversations with their customers. Blogs can be a forum for writers to get feedback on half–formed ideas and emerging stances, and through comments, readers can talk with and back to writers and build communities. Having Bluejay Media & Marketing paying attention to a range of blog elements (including clear headlines, engaging pictures, and distinctive leads) will help you build an audience.

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Bluejay will develop and implement a successful blogging strategy that benefits your company's bottom line.
Did you know that blogging is the #1 inbound marketing priority for 55% of marketers?
Did you know that marketers that invest in blogging have a 13x higher chance of seeing a positive ROI than marketers who don't?
Businesses have raised income, improved brand awareness, and boosted conversions by publishing useful written content for their target audience and customers during the previous decade or so. The point here is that their blog content is valuable - having a blog isn't enough; it needs to serve a function or serve a purpose.
So, how can Bluejay start and run a successful blog that caters to your target market?
1. Bluejay will choose your blog topic and purpose.
2. Register and host your blog.
3. Design your blog.
4. Decide who will write and manage your blog.
5. Determine how frequently to share blog posts.
6. Write compelling and valuable content.
7. Include CTAs.
8. Launch your blog.
9. Track and analyze your blog’s success.
BlueJays' first step in creating your blogging strategy is to precisely define the topic and purpose of your blog. Your blog topic should be wide enough to allow you to write hundreds of articles on it while yet being particular enough to relate to your business specialty and skill area(s).  Ask yourself, "Why does this blog exist?" when considering the aim of your blog. You should be able to respond to that question with a single, concise, and definitive sentence.
Next, BlueJay will create your blog for you based on your needs and your goals. The creation of the blog will determine the size of the blog and how many pages you may need. After we have the plan in place, we'll decide together where the best fit for you and your company is regarding a blog host. If you have a website for your business, a blog can be an extension of the website, or the blog can stand alone. 
Bluejay will design your blog in such a way that your viewers will want to read (and hopefully share) your content on a frequent basis. Your blog should be appealing and consistent with your brand. It should be well-organized, spotless, and simple to use. Readers should be able to tell your blog is written by your firm within seconds of visiting it. We'll help you choose a theme that is uniform throughout all of your blog properties and articles to insure your branding message is loud and clear. 
If you don't have the time to write your blog, BlueJay can also do this for you. In addition to content creation, we can manage your blog for you. We will be responsible for each job in your blog strategy, according to you (or your team)? When it comes to your blog, there are a lot of moving components, and if you don't take responsibility of each one, reaping the rewards of a great blog operation will be difficult.
Here is a list of some of the jobs Bluejay will do to successfully implement a blogging strategy for you.
  1. Idea generation for a blog article
  2. Keyword research and search engine optimization (SEO)
  3. Statistical evidence, case studies, personal accounts, and thought leadership
  4. Editing
  5. Governance of the editorial calendar and strategy
  6. Promotion
  7. Repurposing, upgrading, and historical optimization are all things that can be done.
Here at Bluejay we will cover all of this for you to help you produce the kind of traffic you deserve!
How many blog entries do you think you'll be able to write and publish? How frequently do you intend to provide blog content for your audience? The key to keeping your audience engaged and interested is consistency. This can also help you preserve your reputation as a thought leader and authority in your field. At BlueJay we'll help you with use of a content calendar to plan and schedule blog entries on a regular basis. We can assume full responsibility for the calendar or assist you.
It's crucial to emphasize how important it is for your blog content to be both interesting and useful to its visitors. This has a significant impact on how your target audience, customers, competitors, and other industry leaders perceive you. It's also how you'll keep readers interested and committed to your site - and hopefully turn them into paying customers.
Remember that acquiring new customers takes more time and effort than keeping current members. Furthermore, current readers have a higher chance of becoming brand supporters than new subscribers. So, we'll help you focus on regularly developing content that captivates your audience while also giving them relevant and worthwhile information in order to keep them coming back for more.
The main reason Bluejay is creating a blog for your company is to increase organic traffic, enhance conversions, and increase sales? We strive to make your bottom line rise! We will need to integrate appropriate calls-to-action (CTAs) throughout your blog entries to achieve these objectives.
A CTA could provide your visitors with in-depth facts and information on a specific issue. Perhaps it contains a coupon code or a special offer for your goods or service. CTAs should inspire readers to take action without straying too far from the original post's intent. 
It's finally time to launch your blog! This is the most exciting part: you can finally share the stuff you've spent so much time creating. You can have a live blog website or post the content as its own blog a landing page within your website, then deliver the item to your email list of subscribers (s). Share it on social media and email it to others in your network as needed.
Finally, BlueJay will monitor and evaluate the success of your blog. We'll keep track of and assess your blog's progress over time, and furthermore, we'll show you, based on that tracking, which Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are most important to you and your company. You'll be able to make your blogging approach more targeted after you grasp how each indicator contributes to a favorable outcome. The following are some examples of blogging metrics BlueJay keeps an eye on:
Readership and subscription numbers
Per post, the number of page views
The quantity of conversions
The total number of backlinks
The total number of referrals
The overall volume of traffic
Your blog must have its own marketing plan in order to fulfill its job – drive traffic, convert visitors, raise revenue, and/or promote your brand as a thought-leader or authority. BlueJay will treat your blog in the same line as we do any of our clients marketing strategies whether it be website development or social media management. BlueJay will use the Essentials as the foundation of the marketing strategy for promotion of your blog.
Your Topic and Goal
Create and Host
The Design of your Blog
Writing and Managing
Sharing your Posts
Content Creation
The Blog Launch
Analytic Tracking
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