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Brand Identity and Management

Defining how customers perceive your brand in the market begins with extensive brand messaging. This is brand identity design, executed by creating a cohesive message that ties together your businesses values (the culture) with the tangibles; signage, business cards, uniforms, menus, shopping bags, vehicle decals and more, and together will deliver a message that clearly communicates your unique value to your ideal consumer. Ultimately, this messaging, your brand identity design, will resonate with your target audience and seperate you from your competitors.

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There are three elements to brand identity design that BlueJay focuses on for your company. First, in identifying your brand, your business should define why it exists, who it serves and what it provides. Your brand identity design embodies those cultures and values. Secondly, brand design depends on your target audience, understanding who your target customer is. And finally, the most identifiable feature of your brand identity design is the tangible design itself; logos, colors, fonts, mascots, uniforms, boxes, stickers, letterhead, signage, mailers. Every design, visual, product, is your brand.


By taking these three components, the tangibles, culture and market position, BlueJay will capture your brand personality and make you appealing to your target audience. Once your brand identity is designed, BlueJay then puts together a brand management plan using our various marketing channels that will work specifically for your company based on the brand identity.


We have several Bundled Plans that may work for your company, and if not, an A La Carte plan may be a better option chosen from our broad menu of marketing channels.

Our Bundled Plans
We have four different Bundled Plans you can choose from, our you can choose an A La Carte plan of your choosng from our many marketing campaigns listed below. 

Our Bundled Plans include our 3-Point Bronze Plan, 5-Point Silver Plan, 7-Point Gold Plan, 10-Point Platinum Plan. Visit the Bundled Plans page for more detailed information and pricing.
Our Campaigns
We have over two dozen marketing channels at our fingertips available to our clients. We are Northern Wisconsin's only full service marketing agency with a multitude of options to market your company under three categories: Digital Online Media; Offline Traditional Advertising; and Promotional Materials. Visit Our Campaigns page for more information and pricing.

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