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We offer many marketing campaigns to our clients stretching out over three different avenues, which include digital media, promotional materials and traditional offline media advertising. Through our ability to offer these various campaigns, BlueJay is truly Rice Lake and Northern Wisconsin's only full service marketing agency. We can offer these campaigns because through our team of three marketing managers we have over 70 years of experience, not to mention our assistants, ranging from editorial writing to news publishing and public relations to media buying to website development and social media management, to finally, photography and videography expertise!

On this page you'll find information regarding these campaigns with a a short description detailing what we do followed by pricing based on company size and your desired reach. 

Prices below are the baseline starting cost and will increase with frequency of need, size of company and extent of marketing reach. 

Our Campaigns

Digital Media
The following lists our Digital Media options and a brief description of what we offer with the bottom line costs. 
  • Website Management: We will manage your website with daily page updates throughout the month with any content you submit or request. If we've developed your website, this will include new page developments up to 3 per month. $200 monthly fee for websites up to 5 pages.
  • Content & SEO (PPC): With this plan, visit these two pages SEO & PPC and Content/Editorial Writing for more detailed information on what we can do for you. In summary, we work every day building your Search Engine Optimization through building SEO organically or through Pay Per Click (at extra cost to you) and content writing. $200 monthly fee for your website or $100 for a BlueJay developed website. Additional costs per writing need.
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  • Social Media: With this plan, visit our Social Media page for more detailed information, but in summary, we post as often on any platforms chosen for your business as is necessary. This could be as little as a weekly post on Facebook and Instagram all the way up to daily posts on five platforms. $200 monthly fee for 3 weekly posts on up to 3 platforms. 
  • Blog Management: Management of a Blog is similar to management of a website, where we can also develop this site for you as well. Visit the Blog Development page for more info on development and management. We can post all your content and build SEO for it and a following. Under Content/Editorial Writing, we can also write a blog for you based on your vision. Any more than one weekly submission will incur extra cost. $200 monthly fee.
  • Email Management: With this plan, visit the Email Management page for more detailed information on what we can do for you. In summary, we will create a weekly email plan for you with your content and work every day building you a following. We can do a more frequent email campaign and create your content at extra cost. $400 per month for one weekly email blast with additional costs depending on size of email and amount of subscribers. Also, additional costs for content creation.
Promotional Materials
Please visit our Traditional Print page for more information on all the various print jobs BlueJay can do for you. We'll save you time and money as your one-stop print shop for all your printing needs. 
Media Advertising
The following lists our Offline Media Advertising options and a brief description of what we offer.  
  • Media Buying: Our media buying options are vast, as we can place advertisements in magazines, newspapers, trade publications, network and cable broadcast channels, billboards and radio. We charge 15% on top of costs, but we have package deals under our Bundled Plans that could save you considerably. Check out our media advertising page for more information on what we have to offer. 
  • More of our marketing channels will be listed here soon. This page is still under development, but you can contact us for any pricing or other information.
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