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Website Development at BlueJay Media & Marketing

Updated: Jun 15, 2022

We take pride in our website design and developement

Your website is the first thing people see when they come to your business. A good website is vital because a bad website, or no website at all, might have long-term consequences. A professional, polished website with easy navigation, strong photo images, professional quality information, and an overall experience that engages and informs visitors enough to make them want to do business with you is essential.

The professional building of a web site is the first and most crucial step in your marketing campaign when it comes to your business's marketing strategy. Almost every potential consumer starts their search for your sort of business on the internet, and having your website ready for search engine optimization (SEO) is the fastest method for your company to get discovered and recognized.

Your site will demonstrate to your clients that your firm is credible and competent by combining professional interface design, straightforward navigation, (SEO), and content generated by a professional. Professionally developed content, which includes written material, photographs, video, and design, enhances the user experience and is the most effective approach to engage your visitors and keep them interested in your company's offerings.

It shouldn't be a matter of whether or not you need a well-designed professional website. It's a must-have for any entrepreneur. With fantastic first impressions, a great website stimulates business growth, helps retain clients, and produces more sales. It is without a doubt one of the most effective marketing methods available to all organizations.

So, why do so many companies choose to navigate without a website? The most prevalent response is expense. It can cost thousands of dollars to create a well-designed professional website, but it doesn't have too. We've made the development and upkeep of your website much more affordable at BlueJay Media & Marketing.

Websites of Different Types

Personal blogs, aggregate news, e-commerce, small company, corporate, non-profit, and educational websites are among the numerous sorts of websites we can create, but the most popular two are business/corporate and e-commerce, which we cover on this page. Please contact us if you'd like to learn more about the other types of websites we can create and manage for you.

You may require a basic blog or educational page to share news and advice with your customers, depending on the demands of your website. A small business website, which would contain a few pages such as contact, about us, and other pages used for calls to action (CTA), could be appropriate if you have more precise and extended needs. This type of website is intended to bring in new clients, keep existing ones, and increase sales. Some, on the other hand, are designed to transmit information and news.

Then there are the larger websites that are utilized to deliver a lot more information as well as for marketing. These are larger corporate websites that display a company's ambitions and portfolio. Other significant pages on these sites might feature employment possibilities, a board of directors, or investors.

Online Stores are quite widespread and are websites that accept payments in exchange for products or services provided over the internet. The website is perfect for suppliers that want to sell their items online, and it's similar to a compound platform or a shop selling to many consumers.


After you've decided on the type of website that'll work best for you, there are a slew of other factors to consider. As the developmental stage begins, you, as the business owner, must think about content structuring, picture sizes, page titles and header text, conversion optimization, calls to action, online tracking, and the adoption of other vital tools.

​Using the information gathered during the design phase, our team will go over these crucial details. We also work on all of the other aspects as we get started, such as SEO, off-site company listings, reviews, backlinks, and more. All of these elements are necessary for the success of your website and the expansion of your business.

Retaining BlueJay to build your web presence is the stress-free, overworked way to go because we not only focus on the things mentioned above, but also on building pages, adding content, setting up analytics, and more complex things like redirects, adding custom URLs and an XML sitemap, changing/adding meta titles and descriptions, customizing headings, and adding alt tags to your images.

Plans for Management

Keep in mind that the costs listed below cover all work as well as the free Essentials, allowing you to rest and focus on what really matters: sales! Our monthly management fees are designed to relieve you of the burden of managing your day-to-day business operations without the need to engage a new employee.

The initial cost of all of the options below includes the annual fees for hosting and domain name registration, however after one year, those fees will be covered by a $350 annual fee. Additional fees may apply for add-ons, apps, and special uploads.


$750 for the first basic setup of a 5-page Brochure/Landing Page site, plus a $200 monthly administration charge that covers all content management, SEO, and analytics.

After that, there will be a $75 fee for any extra page development and a $25 fee for monthly management expenses.

Shops on the Internet

$1,250 for the first basic set up of an E-Commerce site with up to 100 products, plus a $300 monthly administration charge that covers all content management, product upload, SEO, and analytics.

For every 50 extra product listings added to your inventory, you will be charged an additional $125 in monthly maintenance fees.

Please give us a call if you have any other types of websites in mind, ranging from personal blogs to educational sites and anything in between. Visit our Blog Development page as well.


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