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Your website needs upkeep Here are seven justifications!

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

Your website needs upkeep

Here are seven justifications

Having a website has become more of a need than a luxury in today's fast-paced business. A website serves as a company's online storefront and is the foundation of a brand's online presence. A website needs routine maintenance for best performance and security, just like a machine with many moving components.

Here are some reasons why it's crucial to us at Bluejay Media and Marketing to make sure we update our clients websites on a regular basis in order to make the most of the functionality and design elements.

1. A smooth user interface

A website must be kept up-to-date and error-free to provide a satisfying user experience. Users' expectations are rising, and websites are growing more sophisticated. For us at Bluejaymm we try to keep their users interested and satisfied by keeping their websites updated. For customer visits and favorable word-of-mouth with recommendations, the latter is crucial.

Regularly updating items and posting fresh, popular material can keep our clients' brands in the spotlight and keep website users interested in new information. Mashable is a great example of something like this; they are well known for consistently releasing educational content, and as a result, they receive over 10 million monthly visitors. Regular website maintenance is a crucial thing to take into consideration if our consumers are seeking for techniques to convert visitors into devoted customers!

2. Uphold customer trust and confidence

The appearance of a website is frequently one of the first impressions that clients have of any business, having a website that is not well-maintained might harm our client's reputation. Additionally, an optimized website improves user experience and increases traffic. A well-maintained website is a terrific platform for positioning our Bluejay client's brand in front of potential customers and can act as a visual reflection of the corporate values. Additionally, we may utilize uptime monitoring tools to keep tabs on website outages and make sure that visitors can always access our client's website.

3. Lessened Error Risk

It's typical for our client's website to have at least a few mistakes when it is first launched. Missing photos, broken links, and insufficient information are examples of frequent errors. These flaws could give their website a sloppy, unprofessional appearance.

Our clients may keep an error-free website and avoid any significant security risks on their sites with routine maintenance from an experienced web designer or development team like we have at Bluejay Media and Marketing.

4. Enhanced Search Engine Efficiency

If a website isn't regularly maintained, people searching for a certain good or service are less likely to find it at the top of search engine results. When a client's website appears on page two or higher of a search result, it may not be found at all by visitors, which results in lost sales.

The final message is that we caution against disregarding little issues with their website because doing so could result in big financial losses.

A blog is a terrific method to remain in touch with people, and adding new content frequently lets Google know that the client's website has interesting content to share. Additionally, it increases the number of guests and potential clients. Our clients can increase traffic and visitor engagement by using blogs. We at Bluejay also offer writing blogs for clients, as some do not have the time to do so.

5. Boost Online Credibility

For our clients' websites and businesses to flourish, a strong SEO strategy is essential. Furthermore, if Bluejay consistently invests in quality content and do not let it lapse, this will guarantee that their websites are continuously optimized for search engines.

For instance, let's say we suggest to our client that we update their old articles and upload new ones on a regular basis on content that is pertinent to their specialty. When users conduct searches on specific themes, the site's content will thereafter include current, pertinent information. To keep visitors interested, you might advise including a variety of content kinds including blogs, videos, and infographics. Share them on social media networks.

6. Faster website performance

No one enjoys watching a webpage load. Even if our client's website has excellent content or products, poor page loads can cause users to leave before the basket has even loaded. It is crucial to pinpoint the problems slowing down their website so we speed it up.

The number of requests made per second, file size, web server response time, database queries per second, and other factors all have an impact on how quickly a website loads. Fortunately, there are several things you can do to improve performance, like shrinking picture sizes, minifying scripts, and consolidating CSS files. This continual procedure is an essential component of the upkeep of our clientele.

Bluejaymm makes sure that users can access their website quickly by optimizing their site, which includes maintaining the software installation up to date and clearing out photos and media files. On the other hand, slow websites might give users a bad interface and lack of professionalism and cost them money in lost conversions.

7. Enhanced Website Safety

Regular website maintenance helps prevent security flaws, shielding sites from potential hacking attempts and illegal access.

Most customers find it challenging to set aside the time and resources necessary to carry out routine website maintenance. To ensure the highest level of website security, it is essential to help them understand the value of frequent maintenance.

These guidelines can aid our clients in safeguarding their websites:

Use distinct passwords for each platform, create strong passwords, and update them frequently.

Software should be updated to take advantage of the newest features; updates should be checked frequently or monthly; Examine all the pages and features, fill in any gaps, and update any outdated plugins.


Website upkeep is essential to keeping them functional and attractive. At Bluejaymm we guarantee that their website visitors have a great experience, and we must safeguard our clients' websites against security issues.

We strongly advise help your clients to begin routine website maintenance as soon as possible if they haven't already. It will not only assist maintain their website's excellent appearance, but it will also make sure that it is securely and correctly operating. Have our clients neglected to perform routine maintenance on their website? If that's the case, now is the moment to fix it and assist them in beginning a regular maintenance program.

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