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Publishing of Printed Newspapers/Newsletters

At BlueJay Media, we specialize in publishing of printed newspapers and newsletters for your business, organization, community or tribe. We can publish anything you can think of, including magazines and periodicals. We not only get your product published and on the newsstands via our delivery and distribution system here in Northern Wisconsin, but we can also produce your product from start to finish, which includes the gathering and producing of all content under your direction. We have weekly, bi-weekly, monthly and quarterly plans, and our turn around is fast! Depending on the quality of the printed product you desire (from newspaper-grade to brochure-grade) we can have your finished product to newsstands in two days to one week; or mailboxes in four days to one week. 

Contact us to have a further discussion about what we can all do for you when it comes to publishing. If your company, organization, tribe, community, or a personal level, have any considerations of publishing a newspaper or n newsletter, contact us and see how we can save you time and money!
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