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What is Public Relations?

The Princeton Review notes that: “A public relations specialist is an image shaper. Their job is to generate positive publicity for their client and enhance their reputation … They keep the public informed about the activity of government agencies, explain policy, and manage political campaigns. Public relations people working for a company may handle consumer relations, or the relationship between parts of the company such as the managers and employees, or different branch offices.”


Our tools include the following:


  • Write and distribute press releases

  • Speech & news writing

  • Create tribal news outlets

  • Create and execute special events designed for public outreach and media relations

  • Create and distribute video

  • Expansion of business contacts via personal networking or attendance and sponsoring at events

  • Writing and blogging for the web (internal or external sites)

  • Crisis public relations strategies

  • Social media promotions and responses to negative opinions online

Our Channels of Communication

Below you will find the different Channels of Communication at our disposal for your Tribal Government Operation. Of course, these Channels are not exclusive to Tribes. We can do any of these Channels for your Business, Corporate or Non-Profit Organization, or Government Entity. 
Social Media

PR and social media are based on communication but social media, with its real-time messaging, amplifies your message, allowing PR to be stronger and more impactful. Content published via news releases, emails, and other PR related means can live longer, spread faster and reach further with the help of social media.

Online Newsletter

A newsletter is a cost-effective medium for maintaining regular contact with your community and creating awareness. Newsletter content builds a broader picture. Build public relations by promoting events, communicating, sharing information, advertising your enterprises. A great low-cost method of communication.


YouTube Channel

From streaming meetings to coverage of tribal events to hosting community talk shows, a You Tube Channel is a powerful tool for public relations. A You Tube channel can inform, build buzz, boost your reputation and credibility, and engage with community members.


Internal Communication

Research firm Nielsen Norman Group asked respondents how they preferred to receive company updates, and 90 percent cited newsletters, compared to 10 percent for social media. Along with regular emails, BlueJay will coordinate employee and/or director meetings, which relieves the burden for key personnel, and do in-house flyer and message posting.



Your website is your Tribes first impression. A great website is important because a bad website or no website can have a lasting negative impact. A professional, polished looking website that functions easily and offers visitors easy navigation, strong photo images, professional quality content and an overall experience that engages and informs them enough for them to want to do business with or visit your tribe is key.

Website with News

An invaluable addition to a tribal website is our All News feature, a continuous stream of tribal news, program articles and press releases keeping your community members well informed of tribal happenings whether it be the daily operations of the tribal governing board, or the latest updates of tribal programs.

Writing & Photography

An integral part of your public relations is effective and timely writing of press releases, news articles and tribal government-issued public statements, and key to the success of these published documents is knowing when and where to place them. In addition to E-News, All News on the Website and social media, BlueJay will build and maintain positive relationships with regional media.

Printed Newspaper

There remain large numbers of tribal people who aren’t on Facebook and depend on the printed newspaper for their information. Not only that, but many people simply prefer to hold that source of information in their hands. BlueJay offers weekly, bi-weekly and monthly publications and we do it all, from start to finish.


Roku Channel

Nearly all TV’s on the market today, and already gracing homes across the country, Roku TV is built in. Establishing a tribal TV channel through Roku available to most everyone with a TV is another great way to take advantage of the power of video in public relations. There are many options for displaying video content, but none more efficiently than a Roku TV channel.


Once you’ve chosen to create streaming channels, let us create professional content that aligns with your branding and cultural image. Our video production team has decades of experience and utilizes state-of-the-art modern equipment to give your viewers the impression you are a leader in the industry.


Intra-Tribal Marketing
A Special Offer

One thing many tribes lack and they aren’t even aware of it is cross-promotion and marketing between their tribal enterprises. Digital billboards in lobbies, roadside billboards, gas station receipts, hotel rooms, flyers, social media, E-news, should all be used to promote your grocery store deals, C-stores, and restaurant specials… Let us create the ultimate cross-promotion campaign for you.

Check out this special offer based on the LCO Model we have successfully built over the past few years. What it includes: A full website with news for any and all tribal programs, entities and administration filled with your content plus at least three BlueJay authored news articles under your direction; a Weekly E-newsletter and printed bi-weekly newspaper with your content and those three articles and daily posting to any of the three Social Media sites you choose. Get More Info


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