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Videography / Channel Distribution

Research indicates video content used as a key element of your businesses marketing campaign yields an 88% Return on Investment (ROI) and that percentage is growing exponentially. This type of content also helps boost your conversion rates on your landing pages, not to mention, holds visitor engagement increasing their time on your site learning more about your business and services which will convert your visitors into customers.

Video content is shared on social media platforms 1200% more than images or text which in turn expands your business brand awareness. Consider just how effective video content is within your marketing plan when one minute of video equates into an estimated 1.8 million words. After a visitor engages with your businesses video content 94% of your customers better understand your product or service.

Video content is not a tool novice video enthusiasts can accomplish to communicate your intended message to your audience. Quality should be of highest priority. Whether it be a company video, vlog, customer, employee or client interview, as well as webinars, presentations, animations, or testimonials pre-production, lighting, sound and video quality will enhance your business prestige and solidify the quality products and services your company or business offers.
Broadcast Commercials
For the greatest impact on the public, television broadcast commercials are the best choice. They offer the highest potential reach to the broadest audience to get your business recognized. A professionally produced commercial ad will convey a message about your business in the most profound way possible and show potential customers who you are, what services you offer, and the professional expertise you can provide in 30 seconds, which is not possible by most other marketing avenues. With a professionally written script combined with high quality broadcast production equipment, and expertly edited in the television broadcast standards and compliances, your business will stand out and be remembered by viewers in your targeted broadcast region.

BlueJay has the experience and professionalism to accomplish this goal and capability to produce the required television broadcast standards asked for from TV stations throughout the country. 
Live Streaming
Live streaming for your business is a great way to reach remote audiences despite the barrier of physical location that you would not otherwise have a way to connect with. This allows you to show the world professionalism and what your business brand truly is. Depending on your business profile you can share in-person events for those who are unable to attend, service promotions, online classes, etc., The potential uses and option for live streaming are only limited by your available resources and that's where BlueJay is able to exceed your possibilities and customer reach.
Demonstration videos showcase your products or services, get the word out about your expertise and drive visitors to your website. This is a great way of introducing new clients to a new product and can quickly give them a sense of whether a product might be suitable for their needs. A great demonstration video explains how a product or service works by showcasing it in use. This can serve multiple functions such as a benefit-driven advertisement, a go-to visual for a pre-existing customer, or an educational tool for building brand familiarity.
Video has a way of being found and viewed by a specific audience that is interested in the content of the video. This makes your video demonstration highly targeted to a current or future prospect for your product or services. Professionally produced video demonstrations will help leverage your online presence and boost followers on your social media sites.
Internet Commercials
Using video to tell your business story will educate your customers about who you are, what you’re great at, and what you can do for them as well as, selling your product or service. We will target your audience through professionally produced video which also incorporates journalism, corporate communications, television, graphic design, recorded and edited audio that can be used on multiple channels including broadcast television.
A professionally produced video on your website, social media site, or broadcast allows your customers to experience your brand, product, or service and produce sales conversions. This is a great way to introduce your business to a wide audience for them to learn about you. Video for your business is a valuable asset for how you want your brand to be recognized!
By incorporating a video podcast into your marketing campaign your devoted customers or followers can access your message at their convenience from anywhere in the world. You can engage your viewers by holding their attention with the content you choose to share with them visually as opposed to using only sound where you will not have them fully engaged. When your viewers are tuned in visually you are more likely to have them consume your content.
There are many different mediums, channels, and distribution methods you can utilize to accomplish viewership. We will help you decide which channels are best for your marketing needs. Though, if you want to stand out from the crowd, reach new audiences, and capitalize on a medium with enormous momentum, your business should consider the potential outreach if a video podcast!
Channel Distribution
BlueJay can get your video, whether it be a live stream or commercial, in front of the right audience and we use several channels of distribution to accomplish our goals. A handful of those channels are listed here.

1. YouTube, Rumble and Vimeo: From streaming meetings; coverage of events; live streams; commercials  to hosting community talk shows, a You Tube, Rumble or Vimeo Channel is a powerful tool for public relations. A business channel can inform, build buzz, boost your reputation and credibility, and engage with community members.

2. Roku TV Channel: Nearly all TV’s on the market today, and already gracing homes across the country, Roku TV is built in. Establishing your own non-profit organization, company, tribe or community TV channel through Roku available to most everyone with a TV is another great way to take advantage of the power of video in public relations. There are many options for displaying video content, but none more efficiently than a Roku TV channel. Having your own channel shows you are a leader in your field or industry!

3. Your Social Media Page: If BlueJay is your social media manager, we will take the video's we produce for you and share them to all of your social media pages in a strategic way to get the most coverage and effect. If BlueJay is not your social media manager, we'll still provide you your video content optimized for your social media sharing.

4. Television Broadcasting: As mentioned above, BlueJay can submit your commercials one professionally produced to any television networks at your direction, as well as, do the media buying on your behalf getting you the best deals possible at a wide range of stations. 
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