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Website Development

Your website is your first impression. A great website is important because a bad website or no website can have a lasting negative impact. A professional, polished looking website that functions easily and offers visitors easy navigation, strong photo images, professional quality content and an overall experience that engages and informs them enough for them to want to do business with you is key.
When it comes to your businesses marketing strategy, the first and most important step in your marketing campaign is the professional development of a web site. Almost every potential customer you have begins their search for your type of business on the internet and having your presence Search Engine Optimized (SEO) is the quickest way your business will be found and recognized.
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With the combination of professional interface design, intuitive navigation, (SEO), and content created by a professional your site will show your customers that your business is credible and professional. Professionally created content, which includes written text, photos, video, and design solidifies the user experience and is the best way to engage your visitors and retain their interest in your business services.

A well-designed professional website shouldn't be a question of whether you need it or not! It's a must for any business owner. A great website fuels business growth, helps retain customers and drives more sales with amazing first impressions. It's definitely one of the most powerful marketing channels for all businesses out there.

So why do so many businesses ride it out without a website? The simple most common answer is cost. To develop a well-designed professional site can cost upwards of thousands of dollars, but it doesn't always have too. At BlueJay, we've made it more affordable for development and management of your website. 

Types of Websites
We can design many types of websites including personal blogs, aggregate news, e-commerce, small business, corporate, non-profit and educational, but the most common two are business/corporate and e-commerce, which is what we detail on this page. Contact us to inquire about other types of sites we can develop and manage for you. 

Depending on your website needs, you may need a simple blog or informative page where you can share news and advise with your customers. If you have more precise and expanded needs, then a small business website could be ideal which would have a few pages such as contact, about us and other pages used for calls to action (CTA). This type of site is used to attract and retain customers and drive sales. However, some are set up to disseminate information and news.

Then there are the larger websites used to convey much more information and more marketing purposes. These are larger corporate sites used communicate a company's goals and exhibit its portfolio. These types of sites may include other important pages like career opportunities and board of director or investors.

Online Stores are very common and are sites that deal with receiving payments in exchange for products or services online. The website is ideal for suppliers who can sell their products online and is quite analogous to retailers selling for multiple users or a compound platform. 
After deciding the type of website that best works for you many other considerations come into play. As the developmental stage begins, you as the business owner must consider structuring of content, image sizes, what page titles you use and the header text for each, conversion optimization, calls to action, online tracking and implementation of other important tools.
Our team will go over these important details using the information in the design process. And as we get started, we work on all the other parts as well, such as SEO, off site business listings, reviews, backlinks and more. All of these components are essential to the success of your website and your overall business growth.

Retaining BlueJay to build your web presence is the stress-free overworked way to go as we not only focus on the things just mentioned, but also building pages, adding content, setting up analytics and the more complex things like redirects, adding custom URLs and XML sitemap, change/add meta titles and descriptions, customize your headings, and add alt tags to your images.
Management Plans
Keep in mind with these prices below, this includes all the work and the free Essentials so you can relax and focus on what matters, sales! Our monthly management fees are meant to take the load off for you to do the important work of running your day-to-day business operations without having to hire another employee.

For all the plans below, the initial cost will include the annual fees for hosting and domain name registration, but, after one year, there will be a $350 annual fee to cover those charges. Additional add-ons, apps and specific uploads may incur additional costs.

$750 for initial basic set up of 5-page Brochure/Landing Page site with monthly management fee of $200, which includes all the content management, continued SEO and analytics.

$75 for any additional page development thereafter, and $25 additional on monthly management fees. 

Online Stores
$1,250 for initial basic set up of an E-Commerce site up to 100 products with monthly management fee of $300, which includes all the content management, product upload, continued SEO and analytics. 

$125 in additional monthly management fee for every 50 additional product listings added to your inventory. 

For other types of websites from personal blogs to educational sites and everything in between, please give us a call and we can work with you on whatever your need is. Also, visit our Blog Development page.
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